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09.01.2011:India better placed than China and Pak on corruption: Dalai Lama (PC)




NGOs hold China accountable for crackdown on Tibetans at UN meeting (PC)





4 Tibetans killed in Lhasa protests identified (PC)



His Holiness the Dalai Lama receives University of Warsaw Medal for Promoting Peace and Ethics (TC)



Australia MPs coming to Dharamsala (PC)



Tibetan exiles ask China to “Stop Torture in Tibet” (PC)



Exile Tibetans to build memorial for Tibet victims (PC)



76 sentenced over Lhasa “riot”: China report (PC)



Kashag to Mark Tibetan New Year with Only Religious Programmes (TC)



Dozens arrested as 'No New Year' movement spreads (TC)



Tietans cancel New Year Celebrations to mark "black year" (TC)






Dalai Lama says he has given up on China talks (PC)



Merkel to raise human-rights issue in Beijing (PC)



Tibetan filmmaker temporarily released from prison (PC)



China will be a democracy by 2020, says senior party figure (PC)



Olympic disaster for free expression in China (TC)

China: What after the Games? (TC)

Silent March Observed in Tokyo (TC)

Tibet's Race for Rights to reach Victoria's Mile Zero today (TC)

Intensified Chinese crackdown in Tibet feared after Olympics (TC)


Yulong Copper Mine in Tibet to be operational (TC)

Beijing Controls Tibetans Using Skynet Electronic Surveillance

Lhasang-la: Man on a mission (TC)

A tale of two Tibets (TC)



Dalai Lama meets French foreign minister, urges China to “march towards democracy” (PC)

Dalai Lama "did not mention any number of casualties” on alleged Tibet shooting, His Holiness’ Office clarifies (PC)

Dalai Lama hosts Bruni-Sarkozy at temple in France (PC)

Tibetan rights activists claim a 'successful' Olympic campaign (PC)

His Holiness to join Worldwide Non-Violent Action 30 Aug (PC)



US urges free speech after China detains six foreigners (PC)

Chinese may have killed 140 Tibetans this week: Dalai Lama (PC)

Beijing police grab foreign and Chinese activists (PC)

Personal financial interest behind Chrétien attack on PM's China policy, Kenney says (PC)

Tibet's Olympics (PC)



iTunes blocked in China after protest stunt (PC)

Beijing criticizes Dalai Lama meeting with French officials (PC)

Post-Olympic clamp on Muslim Xinjiang possible (PC)

China detains “citizen journalists” and activists in Beijing (PC)

China detains 35 Pak Olympic spectators as terror suspects (PC)



I am a free spokesperson of the Tibetan people – the Dalai Lama (PC)

TYC dupes Indian police; replaces hunger strikers with volunteers (PC)

Tibet activists hang banner, blockade Beijing’s ‘Chinese ethnic culture park’ (PC)

British journalist arrested for covering Free Tibet protest in Beijing (PC)

UN experts seek whereabouts of the Panchen Rinpoche and Tibetans arrested earlier this year (PC)

Dalai Lama reasserts support for Olympics; to meet French lawmakers (PC)

Cuba denies athlete signed China rights plea (PC)

Discussing Tibet, Without the BS – Jamyang Norbu (PC)

Chinese troops suspected of shooting two Tibetan women (PC)

Chinese journalists censored (PC)

Senate speaker excludes press from meeting with Dalai Lama (PC)

Olympics: Radio Free Asia protests at media bar (PC)

Tenzin Tsundue to be handed over to Kangra police from Mandi Jail (PC)

Tibetans protest outside UN office in New Delhi; hunger strikers enter Day 6 (PC)

Olympics bring no joy for Tibetan monks (PC)



Tenzin Tsundue to be handed over to Kangra police from Mandi Jail (PC)

Tibetans protest outside UN office in New Delhi; hunger strikers enter Day 6 (PC)

Olympics bring no joy for Tibetan monks (PC)

Dalai Lama arrives in France (PC)

Team Tibet on Union Square After Beijing Protest (PC)



US House of Representatives Sends Strong Tibet Message to China and Bush on Eve of Beijing Olympics (TC)

Kalon Tripa Interview on upcoming discussion with the representative of the Chinese leadership (TGidCHuLI)



Tibetan exiles, supporters greet Tibetan Freedom Torch in Little Lhasa (PC)

Conditions deteriorate as TYC hunger strikers complete a week (PC)

Games protesters must apply 5 days ahead (PC)

Avoid confrontation during trip to China, McCain urges Bush (PC)

'It's like hurling bodies against bullets' (PC)

Police arrest 80 Tibetan protesters in Kathmandu (PC)

Day 9 of Rangzen Walk in USA (PC)



Hunger Strikers battle it out on Day 6 (PC)

Rights Groups Urged to Press China to End Tibet Repression (PC)

Behind the Scenes: Amanpour 'transfixed' by Dalai Lama (PC)

SFT to launch 24 hour online TV channel (PC)

Pokhara Tibetans pay tribute to Rongyal Adak (PC)

'Save Tibet ' - Namgyal Lhamo's sensational music video (PC)

Nine German Olympians protest Chinese politics (PC)

Nepalese police arrest 150 Tibetan exiles at anti-China protest (PC)

Guilty of Being Tibetan: Scenes from a Lhasa Prison (PC)

Restrictions on Net Access in China Seem Relaxed (PC)

Pro-Tibet campaigners to be in Beijing (PC)

TYC Hunger Strike: Day 5 without food and water (PC)

Dalai Lama challenged by new generation of Buddhist activists (PC)

Tutu, Havel urge athletes to speak up at Games (PC)

Banning Tibet: Woser (PC)



Hunger strike unto death in Nepal ends (PC)

China forces edits of Australian books (PC)

Southasian Tibet (PC)

US House of Representatives Sends Strong Tibet Message to China and Bush on Eve of Beijing Olympics (PC)

Leaking State Secrets: Beijing Finds Nothing Noble in Speaking Out on Human Rights (PC)

Tibet refugees in lurch without RC (PC)

Few foreigners in Tibet despite re-opening after riots (PC)

Dispatches from Tibet (PC)

China to limit Web access during Olympic Games (PC)

US says China has 'nothing to fear' from Internet (PC)



China arrests four Tibetans for protesting against festival to greet Olympics (PC)

What awaits after the Beijing Olympics (PC)

Tibet Talk- Tibetan escapee recounts the horror of Chinese inhumanity (PC)

China seeks "absolute security" in Tibet for Olympics (PC)

H.H. the Dalai Lama Offers His Blessing to 'Candle for Tibet' (PC)

Bush vows to take 'message of freedom' to Beijing (PC)

Internet sites still blocked for Olympic reporters (PC)

China accused of inflating terror threat (PC)

Dalai Lama to meet members of French parliament (PC)



Tibetan Youth Congress calls for mass participation in freedom movement (PC)

Released Tibetans begin fast-unto-death in Nepal (PC)

Goldstein's Response to Jamyang Norbu (PC)

Novel Ties Personal, Spiritual Journey to Tibetan Crisis (PC)

Venice makes His Holiness honorary citizen (PC)

Kalon Tripa Visits Himalayan Institute (PC)

Tibetan MPs Ask World Leaders to engage China in meaningful dialogue (PC)

Obama Reassures US support for His Holiness and Tibetan People (PC)

We can't force China to change: IOC (PC)

Leaked Documents Show Chinese Regime's Paranoia of Dissent (PC)

Rice meets with Chinese Foreign Minister (PC)

Amnesty worried about crackdown in China (PC)

Beijing Clamps Down on Threats, Militants Ahead of Olympics (PC)



TYC launches indefinite hunger strike without food and water in New Delhi (PC)

Nepal stops exiles from marching to Tibet, 30 held (PC)

BLACK ANNALS: Goldstein and the Negation of Tibetan History (Part II) – Jamyang Norbu (PC)

Free Tibet, say Australian Olympians (PC)

German minister urges China to ensure human rights (PC)

China expresses 'serious concern' about McCain's meeting with Dalai Lama (PC)

Abusing the Olympic spirit (PC)

China plans sweeping purge of Tibetan monasteries (PC)



Pro-Tibet cross-Canada cyclist wheels into Montreal today (PC)

China denies group's claim of role in bombings (PC)

Thousands hear Dalai Lama dispense wit, wisdom (PC)

Dalai Lama calls for 'inner disarmament’ (PC)

China and Britain ready to exploit Tibet's natural resources (PC)

China complains about Tibetan flag on Czech PM's jacket - press (PC)



Cussed China, hopeful Tibet (PC)

McCain meets Dalai Lama, urges China to free Tibetan prisoners (PC)

Exclusive: We are scared, says Tibet PM-in-exile (PC)

Italian Mayor Condemns China's Wrong Policies on Tibet (PC)

Internet censorship tightens in China ahead of Olympics (PC)

Nepal police detain 125 Tibetan protesters (PC)

Tibetans wish the Dalai Lama a long life in ritual (PC)

John McCain to meet with Dalai Lama (PC)

City NGO takes up Tibetan’s cause (PC)

Nepal: Abuses Against Tibetans Protesting China's Tibet Crackdown (PC)

Dalai Lama to visit Japan in November: Buddhist group (PC)

US lawmakers Call on China to end rights abuse in Tibet (PC)

Delhi Signals Red to Karmapa’s Visit to Border Areas (PC)

Tibetan writer, a rare outspoken voice against Beijing's policies, sues Chinese government (PC)

Dalai Lama urges city leaders to fight political oppression (PC)



Dalai Lama speaks of caring and compassion in Madison (TGidCHuLI)

Lodi Gyari: Standing With The Dalai Lama (PC)

“Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement” declares more protests worldwide (PC)

RTYC-Delhi plays 'Political Games' (PC)

“March for Tibet's Independence” Starting in Madison on July 25 (PC)

South Africans hold peaceful rally in support of Tibet (PC)

08/08/08: red flares for Tibet joined by red candles all over the world (PC)

ANALYSIS: Rights groups renew focus on Tibet, Darfur (PC)

BLACK ANNALS: Goldstein & The Negation Of Tibetan History (Part I) (PC)


TYC to launch second “Tibetan People’s Mass Movement”, vows protests during Beijing Olympics (PC)

His Holiness to grace celebration of Tibetan culture in Aspen (PC)

Chinese and Tibetans take first step to strengthen harmony (PC)

Three die as blasts hit three Chinese buses -media (PC)



Tibetan refugees stage demo; seek 'meaningful autonomy' for Tibet (TC)

Dissident Tibetan Monk Finds New Life in Charlottesville (TC)

China targets foreign entertainers after Bjork debacle (TC)

The Unwinking Gaze: The Inside Story of the Dalai Lama’s Struggle for Tibet (TC)


Dalai Lama describes himself as 'just one monk' (TC)

Guess who's not invited to the Olympics? (PC)

John Nichols: Obama, McCain & Tibet (PC)

Olympic Countdown (PC)

CTA's Response to Chinese Government Allegations: Part Four (PC)

Dalai Lama’s message resonates (PC)



Bill for 3,000 Immigrant Visas for Tibetans introduced in US House (PC)

Across China, Security Instead Of Celebration (PC)

His Holiness Visits Wisconsin On a Historic Visit (PC)



Tibet Issue Concerns the Future of Six Million Tibetans and not His Holiness (TGidCHuLI)

Nepal police break up Tibet protests, 118 held (PC)

We must not ignore suffering of Tibet (PC)

Tibetan flags banned at Olympic equestrian event (PC, TC)

Be a 21st Century Buddhist, Dalai Lama Tells Followers (PC, TC)

Issue of Tibet Not About Dalai Lama's Person:Dalai Lama's Office (PC, TC)

China says it will never discuss Tibet’s future with Dalai Lama (PC)

China ban for 'threatening' stars (PC)

Chinese impose blackouts for new Tibetan monk deaths (PC, TC)



China says 'sincere' in Tibet talks (PC)

Dane County, City of Madison honor visit by H.H. Dalai Lama (PC)

Support plea for repressed kingdom in the clouds (PC, TC)

Tibetan nomad sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for “splittism” (PC)

Tibetan leader: at WYD, pope is calling young people "to make humanity better" (PC, TC)

China aims to control weather, T-shirts, body paint for glitch-free Olympics (PC)

Dalai Lama visits Philadelphia (PC)



Celebrating the Dalai Lama, Tibetan freedom, Wisconsin values (PC)

Tibetans see little point in more talks with China: envoy (PC, TC)

The Fear in Lhasa, as Felt in Beijing (PC)



Two months' ultimatum issued to the Tibetan Communist Party members and government employees to recall their children studying in exile schools (PC)

Kalon Tripa to attend Tenshug Ceremony in US (PC)

Local Kalmyks look forward to Dalai Lama's visit (PC)

Race for Rights launched in St. John's (PC)

Bush praises Dalai Lama's 'courage' (PC)

District level Himalayan Parivaar formed in Arunachal Pradesh (PC)

Tibetan Solidarity March in New Delhi (PC)



Australian athletes offered Olympics "rights" pack (PC)

EU commission in favor of Sarkozy meeting with Dalai Lama (PC)

Dalai Lama defends Islam as peaceful religion (PC)

Running-Dog Propagandists - Jamyang Norbu (PC)

China's media freedom is in name only (PC)

Canada: PM still firm on decision not to attend Olympics (PC)

Dalai Lama visit to Wis. highlights close ties (PC)



China's internal party documents expose repressive strategy in Tibet (PC)

Authoritarian Games (PC)

Teaching Tibet to kids exiled & globalised (PC)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy would meet Dalai Lama as religious leader, not head of state (PC)



Tibetan Festival Banned, Troops Muster (PC)

China jails 42 over Tibet unrest, others on trial: state media (PC)

The illusion of calm in Tibet (PC)

French parliamentarian calls for protest (PC)

University did not say sorry to China for Tibet degree (PC)

Mega Concert for Tibet in Bern (PC)



Sarkozy rejects Chinese pressure over Dalai Lama meet (PC)

Tibetan P. M. to visit Himalayan Institute (PC)

Tibetan Freedom Torch Relay begins its Indian leg (PC)

Briton says China deported her (PC)

Italian Parliamentary Group for Tibet established (PC)

France summons Chinese envoy over Dalai Lama (PC)



EP President Hans-Gert Pöttering will not attend
Olympic Games opening ceremony (PC)

China Has "Never Understood" Tibetan Culture,
says His Holiness (PC)

Tibet Support Group in Spain to file an extension
of their lawsuit against Chinese authorities
for recent crimes (PC)

China Warns French President Against
Meeting Dalai Lama (PC)

Merkel asks China to push for success
in Tibet talks (PC)

With one month to go, IOC says it's time for China to deliver on promises (PC)

No boycott: Sarkozy to attend Olympics opener (PC)

Sting, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morissette, John Mayer & other Top Artists send a musical message of support to Tibet and the Dalai Lama (PC)

University says sorry to China for Tibet degree (PC)

China tightens pre-Olympic airport security in Xinjiang, Tibet (PC)

Cycling ride in Prague protests against China's approach to Tibet (PC)

China's Tibet exhibit toes the party line (PC)

China targets Mongolians in quiet pre-Games crackdown (PC)

Obama says he wouldn't attend the Olympics opening (PC)

Three facing anti-China charge freed (PC)



Looking at Tibet through filmmaker Tsetan's camera lens (TC)

China arrests thousands of Tibetan monks ahead of Dalai Lama's birthday (TC)

Dalai Lama turns 73 as Tibet issue lingers on (TC)

So Why Protest? Ask Palden Gyatso (TC)

Save Tibet Asia Pacific Forum Draws Resolution on Tibet (TC)

A Poem: In Exile (TC)

Analysis: Why has Tibet been deleted from politicians' memory? (TC)

China, Dalai Talks Fail on Tibet (TC)

Tibetan Film exposing Chinese Propaganda launched (TC)

Punitive expeditions (TC)

Kalon Kesang Yangkyi Takla in Tokyo (TC)

Follow path of non-violence, truth to attain Swaraj: Kalon Tripa (TC)

Marchers arrested near Tibet-Nepal border (TC)

Tibetans and Chinese in Australia form Harmonious Association (PC)

Himachal Environmental Society and School Children Celebrate His Holiness' Birthday (PC)

Tenzin Tsundue delivers informal discourse on World Tibet Day (PC)

Tibetan monasteries empty as China jails monks to silence Olympic protests (PC)

China presses Dalai Lama ahead of Games (PC)

China: Olympics Media Freedom Commitments Violated (PC)

06.07.08.: Tibetan 'freedom torch' reaches peak of Taiwan's tallest mountain (PC)


Dalai Lama turns 73 as Tibet issue lingers on (PC)

G8 urged to raise Tibet issue with Chinese president (PC)

Feeling their homeland's pain: During the height of the recent protests in Tibet, a 49-year-old Tibetan American living in Massachusetts called his mother in Tibet... (PC)

"For Tibet the nightmare of foreign occupation had begun," Robert Ford (TC)

03.07.08.: China confirms meeting with Tibetan representatives (VdTiD)

01.07.08.: Four Bheri Monks Arrested (TC)


French President Says Attending Olympics Depends on Tibet Talks (TC)

Has President Sarkozy decided to break his promise to the French and attend the inauguration of the Olympic Games? (TC)

China announces next "Round of Talks" with H.H. the Dalai Lama's representatives (TC)

Das TCHRD erinnert an den 11. Internationalen Tag zur Unterstützung der Folteropfer (TC)




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